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Dame Janet Husband

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Dame Janet Husband

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Professor Hedvig Hricak

Dr. Paul Butler

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Dr Paul Butler

Professor Ann BarrettNuada Medical Specialist Imaging

Professor Ann Barrett OBE FRCSI

Emeritus Professor of Oncology, University of East Anglia


Professional bodies

Present positions

Previous appointments

Royal College of Radiologists

International societies


Membership of societies

Founder Member – Academy of Medical Sciences ; International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) (candidate for President 1999); Association of Cancer Physicians; British Oncological Association; Groupe Européene de Radiologie; European Society of Medical Oncology; European Bone Marrow Transplant Group; European Neuroblastoma Study Group; United Kingdom Children’s Cancer Study Group; British Association for Cancer Research

Medical Research Council

Chair Working Party on CHART (continuous hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy – a multi-centre trial) 1990 –1995; Radiation Sub-Committee, Leukaemia Working Party 1983 – 1994

Data Monitoring Committee for CMV trial in bladder carcinoma; START trial of radiotherapy for breast cancer 1998 – 2008

Member Molecular and Cell Medicine Board 1991 – 1994; Steering Groups in adult and paediatric leukaemia; Cell Board Grants Committee B 1986 – 1989; Working Party – Review of Cancer 1991; Cancer Policy Group 1991 – 1993

Other committees

Cancer research campaign (CRUK) Member of Grants Committee

National Radiological Protection Board 1987 – 1992

Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) 1988 – 1993

European bone marrow transplant group nuclear accident sub-committee

Member of the Black Commission on bone marrow transplantation

Advisor to the NATO Group of Experts on Chemoprophylaxis, SA Defence Agencies and Ministry of Defence on acute effects of whole body irradiation in man

National Radiotherapy Advisory Group (D of H) 2000-2009

Commonwealth Scholarship Panel of Advisers 1990 – 1998

Advisor, Government of Malawi: proposal for setting up a national cancer centre.

Advisor, Government of Eire: Cancer services review

Scottish groups (1986-2002)

Chairman of Scottish Standing Committee, Royal College of Radiologists 1974 –1997; President of the Scottish Radiological Society Oct 1996 – 1997; Member, Conference of Scottish Medical Colleges

Chair , West of Scotland Postgraduate Medical Education Committee in Clinical Oncology; Member of West Scotland Postgraduate Education Committee; Chairman, Brain Tumour Sub-Group, SIGN Guidelines on follow-up after treatment for childhood cancer, 2000 – 2002; Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education; Scottish Joint Consultants Committee; Board of Management of the Scottish Cancer Trials Office; Scottish Home and Health Department Committee for Review of Cancer Registration in Scotland; National Panel of Specialists; Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards (Scotland and England)

Editorial work

Associate Editor, Medical and Paediatric Oncology

Editorial Boards: Sarcoma, Radiotherapy & Oncology, Report of Practical Oncology & Radiotherapy, Palliative Medicine

Media experience

1994 Media Fellowship from the British Association for the Advancement of Science to work on the science desk of The Independent newspaper. I have participated in various television and radio broadcasts. I underwent formal media training on taking up my College appointment.


Research group of 20 at Beatson Oncology Centre, RAE rating 5 (2001), income £2m. Research on targeted therapy, leukaemia treatment, total body irradiation


Practical Radiotherapy Planning (4 editions, 1985, 1992, 1999, 2009)

Cancer in Children (4 editions, latest 1998.)

Oxford Oncology textbooks: Core text, Handbook, Desk top reference (2010)


150 in peer reviewed journals, 25  book chapters on: Hormonal therapy of breast cancer, Targeted therapy, Total body irradiation, Paediatric tumours, Sarcomas, Oncology education, Health services research.

Medical School

Part of team setting up new Medical School in Norwich. Deputy Dean, Senior advisor, Communications skills lead.

Teacher for Problem based learning, metabolic medicine, oncology, human rights, Medicine and the Arts.